“This Is A Book”

A choose-your-own-adventure about the voice in your head when you read a book.


“This Is A Book” (temporary cover done by myself) is a choose-your-own adventure; one about the voice in your head when you read a book. The concept began in the middle of the night (I have weird ideas when I stay up late), when I wondered why the voice in my head sounded different than my usual speaking voice, after seeing a tumblr post about the very subject.

I then felt compelled to write a story aboutwhat it’d be like to be the voice inside your head. While writing, it developed into the voice in your head while reading

Now it has become a journey through the inner workings of a book… that you can create yourself. You can choose the genre, the type of hero, and even the events; along the way you’ll make a friend out of that voice in your head while you read, and discover an interesting plot behind the scenes of the book you create as well.

This was a project that I originally wasn’t going to share on here, until I got a good response from some of my followers on Figment. Here are a few of their testemonials, copied and pasted directly from the comments section:

JULIA ISABELLE {published author of ‘Sisters’}: THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL AND CREATIVE OH MY GOSH and besides the idea ur writing is very very enjoyable and flows nicely and YES I LOVE THIS

FANFICTION CENTRAL (also known as “Chesster”): This is an interesting book. And also fun to read. It draws the reader in. And your character is like talking to me it seems which is cool. I don’t know what else to say. No typos that I detected. No incorrect punctuation that I saw. Good work and keep writing!

TRIN ASTER: This is REALLY COOL, GURL! When are you going to update? I can’t wait for the Fantasy Middle Age!

A. L. LOMBARD: Oh my gosh I just LOVE it! I smiled all the way through XD Everything about it is done so well, the descriptions are perfect and the structuring! I love choose-your-own adventures and this was so amazing and unique! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store 🙂

IRENE GREY: This is seriously pretty amazing, so I’m excited to see the next release!!

If you want to read it for yourself, I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this page. Be warned; it isn’t finished yet, although I plan on updating multiple times througout each month. It is a long project, but hopefully it’ll be finished within the next two years.

CLICK HERE to read it yourself!


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