About ME

I am pretty sure my logo above sums me up, but just in case, here’s a bio for you guys who are brave enough to delve into the depths of my mind. Be warned; it’s a little weird.


Hi. I’m Stormie McNeal, a female human organism in the state of Washington. Or, at least, I will be after my wedding in May to my extremely hot and totally romantic Stud Muffin (that is what I call him… no joke). Until then, Stormie McNeal is only a pen name.

I love a LOT of fandoms. I’d name them all… but I am pretty sure that list would take five hours to read AT MINIMUM. So let’s just leave that subject alone…


I just thought that needed some emphasis.

Being as scatterbrained as I am, I just realized I really should be talking about my writing now… so, I shall.

I usually write in the first person, as it is what I am most comfortable writing. However this year, in April’s Camp NaNoWriMo I will start writing a sci-fi novel in the third person to expand my literary skills.

A good example of my first person writing can be found over in “This Is A Book”. I love letting the character’s personality shine through the book, and with my personal style it’s much easier to show through a first person POV.

So… that’s me. Anything else you want to know? Email me at darth.turbatus@gmail.com and feel free to ask away, or even just start a little chat!