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Story Feature: “Love Me So” by Irene Grey

Before We Get To The Story Bit…

I am not the type of person who advertises a story for their friends just because they are a friend. I only share a story/talk about it/advertise it if I actually think the writing is good. I will admit, I do have some friends who I wouldn’t advertise on here. But when I do read their stories, I am sure to give them positive rencouragement anyway, and give them helpful tips to help improve their story.

Yeah, I’m a softie in that way. So sorry about that. To all my friends who’s works I have commented on, or ‘hearted’ (Figment’s version of ‘likes’), don’t worry; that means I like it.

Back to the point.

Anyway, this is a short story written by a dear friend of mine, Irene Grey. She is talented, and I am beyond jealous of her writing skill. Her stories are always wonderfully crafted, and ‘Love Me So’ was no exception. I hadn’t read it before (I am busy afterall), but after she messaged me to tell me that this story was going to be featured in on the literary site ‘LongShorts’, I knew I had to read it.

It is my favorite story so far that I have read of hers. And that is saying something.

It is a short story revolving around a real life problem; the death of a father. Although this short story is… well, short, it is beautiful and quite possibly one of the better stories on Figment.


The wind whipped around her, sending chills up her spine. She pulled her white beanie further down over her ears and hugged her arms to her chest. The wind sent the falling snow whirling around her lone figure as she truged through the snow. She had a bulging backpack slung on her back, a thick winter coat wrapped around her, and tears frozen in her eyes.

It was Christmas Eve, and she had run away.

I would like to point out there is a trigger warning, but explaining what I am warning about would spoil the amazing cliffhanger half way through. If you are sensitive to darker topics, then please stay away.

Click here to read “Love Me So” by Irene Grey

Click here for Irene’s Figment profile, where you can chat with her and read more of her stories.

I am so glad to be able to share this story with you, on my first story feature. Thank you so much for reading this far, and as always, may the force be with you ;{D


2 thoughts on “Story Feature: “Love Me So” by Irene Grey”

  1. *gassssssssssp* THANK YOU DARLING THIS MEANS SO MUCH!! You are an incredible writer – don’t be jealous of me, because *secret time* I have often found myself so of your writing. The fact that you shared this and loved it made my whole week (and a lot has happened this week, so that’s saying a lot). ❤


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